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Type 1 Warriors

A club specifically designed for type 1 kids. 

Members are educated on how to lead long, healthy lives through interactive and engaging activities.

The aim is to empower and encourage our young Diabetics.

Happy Family

Parent Support Group

The group was devised to provide support for the parents of diabetic children.

Our parents have the support of DRI, while making friends and learning from other parents with similar concerns.

Diabetic Self-Management Education

We offer a 9-week educational program during the winter, spring and autumn months.

This program guides clients through common difficulties and coping methods associated with diabetes.


Carb Counting Program

In collaboration with Brianne Pritchard, a nutritionist, we offer two sessions of a 4-week carb counting program.

This program provides clients the necessary tools needed to learn carb counting basics including: food labels, counting carbs, glycemic index and exercise, and lastly, meal planning and practical application.

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