Services provided by DRI

FREE Screening: When clients exhibit multiple risk factors/ symptoms screening is advised and typically conducted upon their first visit to the clinic. We recommend that individuals with high blood pressure,  high cholesterol and who are obese be screen for Type 2 Diabetes. 

Appointments: Both the on-site Nurse and Doctor see clients for regular follow-up appointments. The Nurse provides clients with a dietary plan, exercise regime and all the necessary tools to understand their Diabetes. The Doctor closely monitors the patient's condition. 

Programs at DRI

Type 1 Warriors:  A club specifically designed for type 1 kids! Members are educated on how to lead long healthy lives through interactive and engaging activities! Type 1 Warriors aims to empower and encourage our young Diabetics! 

Parents Support Group: This group was devised to provide support for the parents of children with Diabetes. 

Type 2 Support GroupThe type 2 diabetes support group is available for anyone looking for support in dealing with diabetes. You can join the diabetes support group by contacting us at telephone: 326-5134 or email us:

Educational Sessions: We run a 9 week evening educational program, walking clients through common difficulties and coping methods associated with diabetes. The sessions are once a week in the evening from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Fridays. 

Weight Management: Stay Active! This program allows you to learn more about having a balanced meal and also gets you moving with zumba and yoga sessions! The best part? It's FREE! Join us, every second and fourth saturday of each month!

​​Diabetic Research Institute