Diabetic Research Institute 

Program Coordinator, Coral Dean RN

Diabetic Research Institute

The Diabetic Research Institute is a non-profit organization which has been in operation for the past fourteen years. We provide free education and support for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. 

Our focus is to increase adolescent attendance, family participation and parental support for children affected by the disease. We invite parents to bring their children who are at risk of becoming diabetic or are Type 1 diabetics to our facility to ensure that they receive the appropriate care and education. Clients will be assessed by both the in house nurse, Nurse Dean and the physician, Dr. Gomez. 

In an effort to spread local awareness we are partnering with teachers and school nurses in an attempt to identify children at risk of developing the disease and those who are currently living with Type 1/ Type 2 Diabetes. 


Notes from Nurse Dean

"Nursing is my calling, helping people is my passion." 

As Program Coordinator, I strive to provide evidence based education and support to our clients to improve their quality of life. 

We have restructured the Institute's programs to better align with our goals. For example, the Diabetic Self Management Education evening sessions teach clients about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. In doing so we have experienced a decrease in A1C's of Type 2 Diabetics. 

One of our main goals in 2016 will be to identify and attract Type 1 Diabetics. In an attempt to do so we have publisized our efforts via Newspaper and Television ads. Furthermore, we have reached out to the public-transportation system to have a poster with our information placed on all public transit. 

The DSME evening sessions have been well attended and successful. The sessions are weekly and last for 2 months. At the end of the stretch clients are asked to set realistic goals for themselves. Clients are encouraged to take part in support group activities.  

The Diabetes Prevention Program was revived through a partnership with local primary/ junior schools in November 2015. We are actively engaging with schools to get them on board with our program. We believe that through targeting Bahamian youth we can prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes. We have visited various schools, attended health fairs and hosted in-house education sessions. During this process at-risk individuals are identified and provided with a follow-up plan.